Head of Academy


Joramco Academy

Job Description

The Head of Joramco Academy is responsible for providing programmatic management and financial oversight of Joramco Academy. He is responsible for supervising program staff, leading long-range vision and planning in accordance with the mission and strategic plans, and coordinating resources. Head of Academy will be the primary liaison point with the JCARC on all matters relating to the company’s JCAR Part-147 approval.


  •  Ensuring that all instruction and examinations carried out by the organization meets the standards required by the JCARC.
  •  Ensuring that the necessary finance, manpower resources and facilities are available to enable the organization to perform the knowledge and/or practical instruction and examinations to which it is committed under the requirements of the JCAR Part-147.
  •  Chairing the annual meeting of Senior Staff to review the overall performance of the Organization.
  •  Ensuring that any charges are paid, as prescribed by the JCARC.
  • Ensuring that, during periods of absence, control will be maintained for administration purposes by the nominated designee who will accept full responsibility for all issues and related decisions.
  • The operation of Joramco Academy is efficiently managed and conforms to the requirements of the JCAR Part-147 as stipulated by the JCARC.
  • Authorizing changes to the Exposition prior to incorporation, or submission to the JCARC.
  • Authorizing JA/local policy in regard to technical matters and maintenance training and examination standards.
  • Providing training and examinations services to fulfil market requirements and to maintain the standards required for continuing the JCARC approval under the JCAR Part -145
  • Represent Joramco Academy at public events, workshops, and industry meetings.
  • Plan and execute the annual plans. Develop agenda, secure speakers, manage registration, and grow attendance.
  • Manage in-person and online teacher professional development programs and events to ensure participating teachers continue to meet the program’s participation requirements.
  • Develop and grow relationships with teachers and other stakeholders. Recruit new teachers and high schools to participate in the program.
  • Work closely with the Director, Curriculum Development to ensure the program’s curriculum meets teacher and student needs.
  • Provide and coordinate all internal relationships necessary to support the program, including but not limited to internal production request coordination (to include program marketing and promotion), event planning, online content management, and budget tracking.
  • Travel as necessary to attend meetings/seminars, host events, and make presentations.
  • Lead the talent and performance management processes that measure and evaluate progress and performance against organizational goals. Desired Education, Skills & Experience:
  • Advanced degree in education with seven+ years of experience in education or youth program management.
  • Experience with related educational and programming practices. Experience with aviation maintenance organizations highly desired.
  • Prior success in developing successful relationships with state boards of education, schools boards and/or school administrations.
  • Solid leadership and management experience and track record in motivating and building strong teams comprised of competent and highly capable individuals
  • Ability to communicate and interact effectively with diverse stake-holders, including administrators, teachers, staff members, community partners, and donors.
  • Proven track record of executing creative approaches and innovative strategies in order to promote ideas and advance programs/concepts.
  • Experience managing multiple priorities and projects in a fast paced and dynamic working environment.
  • Strong project and time management skills.

Public speaking experience required along with excellent written and interpersonal communication skills.


  • Bachelor degree in education, training or related field
  • Solid background in aviation part 66/part 147.


Min 7 years’ experience in training and development with at least 5 years progressive management experience.