Hangar Manager



Job Description

Ensure that Hangar facilities, tooling and adequate numbers of correctly trained and approved staff whom are capable of carrying out maintenance in accordance with Joramco requirements/procedures, are available to perform successful Aircraft Maintenance Programs at Joramco within the requested TAT ,eliminating any obstacle, whether technical, human or managerial, that might interfere with the desired goal.



  • Undertaking the general supervision and management for teams under his supervision. 
  • Approve/control manpower leaves, overtime & shifts as appropriate to support aircraft  maintenance.
  • Organize Hangar taskforce as needed to attain optimum utilization and select / approve new recruits for Hangars.
  • Approve procurement of tools as necessity arises & feasibility is foreseen.
  • Approve / provide annual assessment reports for staff.
  • Conduct daily/weekly meetings with Project Manager and higher management to discuss issues regarding projects at Hangar.
  • Perform day to day activities to distribute man power on each project.
  • Ensure that all Safety rules & regulations are fully implemented at all times and that all Hangar personnel comply with health and safety requirements.
  • Ensure continuation training is carried out for Human Factors, Health and Safety and technical competence.
  • Responding to quality deficiencies in the area of activity for which he is responsible which arise from independent quality audit
  • Notifying the Accountable Manager whenever deficiencies emerge which require his attention in respect of finance and the acceptability of standards (Accountable Manager and Quality Manager to be officially informed of any lack of 25% of available man-hours over a calendar month).
  • Ensure that the quality of workmanship, through the workforce under his control, in the final product is to a standard acceptable to the organization and the authorities.
  • Implementation of the safety policy and human factor limitation.
  • Provide a common work card or worksheet system to be used throughout relevant parts of the organization and ensure such documents comply with 145.A.45 (e).
  • Record and notify any inaccurate, incomplete or ambiguous procedure, practice information or maintenance instruction contained in the maintenance data used by maintenance personnel to the author of maintenance data.
  • Responsible for availability of all necessary maintenance data as required by Part 145.A.45.
  • Develop a production planning system appropriate to the amount and complexity of the maintenance scope of work.
  • Responsible for the incoming inspection of components, parts, materials, tools and equipment, the related classification, segregation and storage according to the manufacturer’s recommendations within the area of his responsibility .
  • Responsible for availability of a working environment appropriate to the tasks being undertaken.
  • Ensure, in conjunction with The Project Manager, the timely completion of day to day activities on each project for outstanding issue.
  • Liaise with all company departments to continuously maintain smooth workflow & performance.
  • Coordinating with production planning regarding work packages evaluation.
  • Take disciplinary decisions when company rules are breeched and commend employees for extraordinary efforts exerted at work and provide technical support, direction & co-ordination for all sections.
  • Develop Strategic plans for both short and long term which support the organization’s mission, goals and objectives in coordination with the Repair Station Management.
  • Shall review, develop and create procedures and process to ensure aviation “Best Practices” are being implemented and maintained at site.
  • Shall assist Joramco quality with all initiatives for establishing a “Word Class” quality management system and safety management system.
  • May participate in the investigation of aircraft accidents, incidents and complaints to determine causes if there is any dispute between Joramco and the customer.
  • May participate in the aircraft type ratings release oral exam and engine Run-up committee.
  • May halt any improper maintenance work practicing on the aircraft or the hangars vicinity that can lead to damage of the aircraft, aircraft equipment or personnel and file a report with justifications and references.
  • Maintain open horizontal & vertical communications channels at all times.
  • Maintain an exceptional high standard of Hangar cleanliness and appearance.
  • Accept training to improve performance as directed by Director Maintenance.
  • Ascertain by close follow-up & monitoring of technical records & documentation to ensure precision of data collection / dissemination, whether using company ERP or standard paperwork.
  • Perform day to day activities to distribute man power on each project.
  • Carry out any other assignments as instructed by Director Maintenance.



  • Bachelor degree in Engineering or diploma degree in related field
  • Holding valid B1/B2 (EASA) license. (Preferred)
  • Successfully passing the management skill assessment.



  • Strong comprehension and knowledge of airworthiness regulations.
  • Aircraft Maintenance servicing/Rigging/Tools/GSE/HSE
  • Aircraft Maintenance Manuals (AMM, IPC, CMM, SRM, TSM & MPD).
  • Proficiency in English Language
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications



15 years in the aviation field, including 5 years in a managerial level.